Carborundum Co. Coticule

Carbo Coti 1

Genuine Belgian Razor Hone

 Imported and Selected by the Carborundum Company  

This Coti is very interesting; first – it’s a glued combo where I would have expected a natural seam between the layers. Secondly – it seems harder than most of the vintage razor-designated Cotis I’ve handled. It has medium speed on slurry, maybe a bit slow. On water it’s slow, and it’s an easy stone to finish on.  The BBW seems very slow – but not ineffective, just slower than usual. 

This stone probably dates to sometime in the first half of the 1900s. The box is very worn but the labels are still legible. The end label on the box (not shown) reads: Belgian Razor Hone, Quality – Half Fine, 6 inch. The remnant of the side-label on the stone has a crest that matches the crest seen in the top-middle of the box. This is, no doubt, the original box for this stone and the set is quite old and rare. 

The Carborundum Company was known for their synthetic hones – including the 100-series barber hones. Those stones were made from, naturally, Carborundum and were very efficient hones for maintaining the edges on straight razors.

Apparently – they also imported and labeled Belgium Coticules. I have not seen another stone boxed and labeled quite like this – my web searching turned up nothing and no one I know has heard of a Carborundum Coticule. 

Approx. Dimensions 5.9 x 1.4 x 0.6” / 150 x 36 x 15 mm 

Weight: 8.2 oz / 231 g

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