Les Pétas de Règne 200 x 75 mm 

8x3 Top Wet

I love honing on Coticules and honing razors on a large 8x3” slab of Coti from the Les Pétas vein at the Règne mining site at Ardennes is an outstanding experience. While I do have a soft spot for the 130mm hand-held stones, the massive real estate here is to be reckoned with. Especially when honing a lot of blades in succession. Or even just one – the long pass is very efficient and it really lets you get dialed into the honing experience and feedback.

These are really fine & hard select grade stones. Each one is backed with slate which should not be used for honing; it’s there to support and protect the valuable yellow Coticule on top.  

8x3 Top Dry.jpg
8.3 Top 2 Dry.jpg

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