La Dressante Suntan

Dressante Burnt 1
Dressante Burnt 2.jpg

This #9 Coticule bout was quarried from the La Dressante vein. Now, I know what you’re thinking; this stone has oxidized so it must be La Grosse Blanche. 

Well – this bout is definitely Dressante, and yes - it has oxidized, tanned, darkened, etc. Imagine that.    

The shape here is wonderful for hand-held work, and it’s big enough to be at home on a bench-top also. I don’t want to lap this one just yet, but I suspect that it’s faster on slurry than most Cotis, and hard enough to deliver a killer final edge. 

Approx. Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.5 / 120 x 65 mm

Coti Layer Thickness: 0.47” / 12 mm

Weight: 16.6 oz / 471 g

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