Les Latneuses Bout  

Les Latneuses Coticule Bout

The Les Lat Coticules can be comprised of the Coticule layer, the hybrid layer, or a combo with both.  The hybrid side of both the Bout and the Coti-gura are visible in the photo. The painted or ‘swirled’ patterning is typical, and to my eyes, quite beautiful. 

These particular examples are combo stones, with both sides lapped and in-service. The Les Lat Combo slurry stone is a real nice addition; making this a versatile and uncommon set-up.   

Whether or not the hybrid side is actually a hybrid stone-type – I am not certain. What I can say is that the hybrid side is harder than the Coticule layer. Many have said these hybrid sides can achieve keener edges – what I think is that it’s easier to get ‘max’ out of these harder surfaces than it is with the softer Coticule varieties.

Of course – any one stone can be an exception to the rule and there is always a possibility of one stone delivering keener edges than another. And so it goes…..

I’ve honed many edges on this bout. All were exceedingly keen and smooth. The hybrid side is slower than the Coti side, especially when water-only laps are being executed. The feedback is a bit grainy on both sides, and easy to interpret. The Coti side, being faster overall – is not quite what I would go to for setting bevels but it’s perfect for following any 1k type of bevel-setter.

I think this might be a #10 bout, if not a #9. I find it to be large enough for whatever I need to do and it’s nice as a bench-stone, and equally usable as a hand-held option also. 

Approx. Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.87” / 114 x 89 x 22 mm

Measured in the middle of the stone. Hybrid layer measures 6-12 mm. 

Weight: 21.4 oz / 607 g 

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