Dalmore Blue 

Dalmore 1

The Celebrated Scotch Dalmore Blue Hone

Said to have Quarried in Craiksdale Scotland, but sold at the Hone Works where the Water of Ayr and Tam O’Shanter stones were mined; the Dalmore Blue is one of the nicest natural mid-range hones I’ve tried.

This is a fairly hard stone – when dry it reminds me of sandstone but I don’t think it is. What I once believed to be the ‘typical’ or ‘signature’ swirled patterning, and I’ve since found out that not all Dalmore Hones are swirled like this one.

The original labeled box and the label from the stone are in pretty good shape, but the boxes shows wear. The label suggests that using water or thin oil was recommended. This was NOS when I received it, and I’ve only used this with water.

The feedback is good, and the stone ‘feels’ hard which I like. I’m not convinced that diluting the slurry does anything in the way of refinement, but further testing could prove that it does. I found that I was able to bring the edge of a straight razor to anear ‘pre-finish’ state – or what you might surmise to be the equivalent of best efforts on a 5-6k synthetic stone. 

Approx. Dimensions: 6.0 x 1.5 x 0.6” / 152 x 38 x 16 mm

Weight: 8.7 oz / 247 g

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