United Kingdom Whetstones

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Sharpening Stones from the UK

Hones from the UK are well known and highly sought after; Charnwoods, Llyn Idwals, Welsh slates, Silk Stones and others are all prized hones from this part of the world. Most examples are known as ‘oilstones’ – but many work very well with water alone.

Arguably, the most popular stone from the UK would be the ever-popular Charnley forest hone; a Novaculite stone that is similar to, but not identical to, the Arkansas stones from the USA.

The Welsh slates from the Yellow Lake region were extremely popular with woodworkers, and recent times show similar stones from that region to be effective for honing razors.

There seems to be an abundance of slate-type hones from the UK – many which were never labeled or named, or perhaps they lost their labels along the way. 

Lastly – I have to mention what is possibly the greatest mythological hone ever – the ‘Cutler’s Green’ which allegedly originates from the UK; this stone was mentioned briefly in an old sharpening guide, and possibly a few times since then. However, for whatever reason - no labeled examples, or even a photo of one seems to exist.   

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