La Pyrénées Combo

La Pyrannese

Pierre des Pyrénées & BBW

This small stone shows a lot of promise, but I really need/want a larger example to test with. This is a two sided stone – the grey/black top slab is from France, and knows as the La Pyrénées stone. It seems to be roughly 1-2k but how coarse/fine it is seems to depend on how fine the top is lapped. It does cut well enough to set a bevel on a straight razor. The striations seem to be fairly consistent – leaving the bevel with an interesting haze. 

The purple side of the stone, on the bottom, is a piece of Belgian Blue Whetstone. Known in the sharpening world as BBW, many people view this as a 4k stone while others claim to produce shave ready straight razor edges with them. 

I’ll add more to this page after I get my hands on a larger piece of the LP and I do some real honing with it. 

Approx. Dimensions: 4.0 x 1.5 x 0.75” / 102 x 38 x 19 mm

(each layer is approx. 0.4” / 10 mm thick)

Weight: 8.0 oz / 225 g

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