Chalcedony Hone Stone

Calchedony 1

Chalcedony - Cryptocrystalline Quartz

This stone is believed to be chalcedony; which is said to be composed of nearly pure cryptocrystalline silica. While jaspers and agates are also a type of chalcedony, this stone is significantly different than both of them. At least, from a hone standpoint – it’s different than the agates and jaspers I’ve tried.  

This is a hard stone, that’s also somewhat brittle, with a vitreous waxy lustre.  

Lapping this stone took a good amount of effort and patience.

To lap this stone flat, I used 120x and 200x SIC powders, and an Atoma 400x diamond plate; even so – that event lasted 90 minutes and I’m not 100% done.    

After lapping, the stone’s surface took on a tumbled sea-glass look. I tested the stone dry and it proved to be a good polisher. My first shave test went very well – a few passes enhanced both sharpness and smoothness. In use, the feedback is more like strop draw – sort of a drag on the blade as opposed to a granular abrasive feeling. 

Some people try to assign grits to every hone out there – I usually don’t. This is a finisher only, a very high-end finisher with minimal latitude. I wouldn’t try to finish a blade honed to 5k on this, but I might try to hop to it from a 12k stone. For my test I used lather as the honing medium, and I’d guess that different solutions might change the game up, so more testing is in order. 

Approx. Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.0 x 0.4 /108 x 76 x 9.5 mm

Weight: 7.5 oz / 213 g

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