Black Thuringen

Black Thuri 1

The Black ‘Escher’ Razor Hone 

This stone is not branded or labeled - it’s not a proper ‘Escher’ stone. 

The black rough-cut stone in the foreground of the photo above was quarried at the same place that Escher & Co. razor hone water stones were taken from. This little ‘bout’ can certainly hold it’s own with the better known and labeled examples taken from those old mines.  

This is a fairly hard stone but it slurries fairly easily. The feedback is completely different that what I know from Eschers, Fox Hones and ‘Celebrated Water Hones’.

The two small slurry stones are typical green Thuringen stones and they both work very well with this black stone – but I would really appreciate being able to find a black Thurigen slurry stone to pair with this stone. 

Even though this little stone has no label, box or fancy stamps - it sill kicks ass. 

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