Shave Ready? 

Shave Ready 1

Does this edge look shave-ready to you?

Well - it isn’t. 

The bevel is a mess, the edge is badly chipped, and there’s active rust in numerous places. 

This is a typical auction-site ‘score’ type of straight razor, it was sold as being shave-ready. The seller had 808 feedbacks, 99.9% were positive. 

Here’s part of the description;

This is a very nice American Products Co. 2912 Straight Razor shave ready made in USA. The polished Blade is rust free no chips or cracks very little hone ware to spine . 

 I didn’t expect the edge to be good; in fact I expected it to look like it does. 

I bought it because the price was ok and I planned on honing it myself anyway.

But if someone else bought this, and they expected to get what they paid for - they would have been stuck.  

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