Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience

A lot has been said and written about honing straight razors. Considering that there are really only a few basic areas of concern, one might think that there would only be a fairly straightforward set of directions. That basic rule-set does exist, but to look around the web, one might think otherwise.   

As I have meandered through the seemingly endless litany of rules and guides and opinions and agendas, I’ve come to realize that there’s an increasingly growing amount of complete bullshit being propagated. The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Writing and posting info on the web does not require a license, and there are no agencies seeking accountability from any of the sources behind most of what we are dealing with. 

Just because you read it, that doesn’t mean it’s a true fact.        

Don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of really good info to be found on the intertubes. However, in my opinion - anything other than set the bevel, refine the bevel and then polish the bevel and shave – usually starts to border on being questionable. 

Yes – I know there are many ways to get to the top of any mountain.

I’m not talking about that.

What I am referring to is the great wealth of confusion and misdirection being put forth as ‘facts’.   

Most of us just want to hone razors – we are not sharpening mythological swords to be used against omnipotent demons. We’re shaving, and shaving is neither new nor it is magical or mystical. 

In real life, magical mystical stuff happens, sure – I believe in a lot of stuff like that. But when people use nebulous fabricated nonsense to lead people down a path to buy stuff or to force their ego-based agenda on them– I feel like calling the reality police on all parties concerned. 

All too often, people barge into an online scene or community, and they immediately start formulating the means with which to profit from it. This is not a new type of thing – but that doesn’t make it a wonderful experience for all involved. 

The truth – is fairly exacting in nature. Subjectivity is what it is, and it can be valid, but it should not be used to deceive people. Someone once said ‘a sucker is born every minute’. That may be true but that doesn’t mean that abusing, lying to and cheating that person is a legitimate action. Lying by omission is still lying and parasites are parasites and leeching off unsuspecting people is parasitic. 

Truthfully, and thankfully, most bragging and white lies are fairly innocuous. Like when someone says their dog chased down a lion when all it really did was tree a squirrel; who cares? But – when story telling is brandished as a weapon by unscrupulous (read: thieving) individuals upon unsuspecting and under-informed people (read: vulnerable) – it becomes an unethical and fraudulent action.   

As with most things, including the topic of honing razors, seeking guidance from people with an honest history and background, with a good level of experience is a great start-point. If the truth is sought, then focusing on finding the honest people will work, and it’ll be easy to leave the rest behind. Separating fact from fiction can seem like a difficult task at times, but just about any claim made by any person can be researched and subsequently proven/disproven. The things that can only be found out by trial and error will require the person to find out on their own anyway. So it doesn’t matter who says what about those things anyway. 

Many claims that are outright lies may appear to be an absolute truth in any given moment. In light of that, common sense should always rule the day. Nothing connected to honing razors is a life-giving or threatening situation. Take a moment, breath and think; seek out those with real experience and wisdom - ask them questions and let them answer your questions.

I’ve always found that the people that really know the real info – will usually answer all questions honestly and they usually don’t try to sell you stuff while they’re doing so.   

© Keith V Johnson 2014 - 2018