Asagi Kan

New Brick 1
New Brick Skin.jpg

This is a fairly large Koppa with a gorgeous and unusually interesting Kan pattern. The color is asagi, (green);  when dry, the color and pattern somewhat muted, but when soaked with water, they both ‘pop’ out dramatically. It’s a little thirsty at first, but after a few spritzes with the spray bottle, the water absorption returns to normal.

This is a relatively hard stone but it’s not very hard – which makes it fairly easy to work with yet it also delivers very fine straight razor edges.

The top is lapped flat and the edges are chamfered. The sides and bottom are sealed with several coats of lacquer to prevent excessive water ingress.

In use – this stone has a velvety type of feedback. The speed is what I’d refer to as ‘medium’ or possibly ‘medium fast’. Water only laps are easy to execute and finishing on slurry produces exceedingly fine and comfortable edges. 

I’ve used this stone with Mikawa Shiro Nagura also, and the results were as expected – on-point and quite excellent. 

Approx. Dimensions

Length: 6.0” / 152 mm

Width: 3.75” / 95 mm

Thickness: 1.3” / 33 mm

Weight: 47 oz / 1326 g

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