Karasu Honyama

Shobu Karasu 1

Asagi Karasu Honyama

This gorgeous stone is probably from Nakayama or Shobudani. The color is Asagi, and the ‘crow’ pattern is known as Karasu. This stone has another characteristic that is not commonly seen, small reflective points or dots across the top and no doubt throughout the stone. These dots are also sometimes referred to as ‘needles’, and this quality has been explained to me as being Atarazuna Hari. Hari means needles, but I am not sure about the translation of Atarazuna. 

In use – the feedback off this stone is unique. With every razor I’ve honed on it, I can’t help but think of driving down a bumpy road. Not exactly like that but similar. At first – I thought there was something wrong – but ohhhh no, nothing is wrong. What there is , is something that is awesomely right. This stone brings up an edge like few others I’ve used. It is, in fact, a true high-class finisher. 

This one is hard – very very hard. Like – extremely very hard. Lapping it was a real chore, but quite worth it. It has good speed, but it is not extremely fast. It’s on the slower side of fast – if that makes any sense. Faster than medium, but not a speed queen. The top is smooth like a piece of highly polished agate. The sides and the bottom are sealed with 3 coats of transparent Cashew Urushi. 

  Approx. Dimensions: 7.25 x 2.5 x .75” / 184 x 64 x 19mm

Weight: 24 oz / 671 g

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