Oozuku Karasu Koppa

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 Oozuku Mizu Asagi Karasu Koppa 

This Koppa is a dream-stone straight razor hone. It’s both super hard/fine with excellent speed. This one’s a top-flight straight razor finisher that holds it’s own with the big boys admirably. This one did have an Oozuku stamp on it, but it’s been lapped off in the course of setting it up as a razor hone.   

There is a fissure at one corner that is totally stable; there is zero give to it – probably because the stone is so ridiculously hard. The gap is totally sealed to prevent water from causing any issues. While this is a visual distraction, it has no effect on the stone’s structural integrity. 

Lapping this one was a bear; it’s so very hard that it took what seemed like forever to get the top flat and the edges dressed and ready for use. Right now – it’s set up for prime time and ready to go. The sides and bottom are sealed in 3 coats of lacquer too. 

This Koppa has a glassy feel with  a bit of the velvety sensation to it – which, for me, makes it one the best types of stones to work with. Super hard stones can also be very glassy without giving up any surface texture ‘feel’, which is fine and I still love them too – but this one has the best of both worlds. 

Approximate Specifications

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.4”

Weight: 355 g

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