Kaisei-Do - 改正砥

Kaisei 2018 1a

This is an authentic Kaisei. 

It is an extremely clean example, which is fairly rare at this point in history. 

Kaisei are referred to as the third stone in a Togishi’s progression. 

Typically, Kaisei follow Binsui, and they precede Chu-Nagura-Do.  

When sharpening cutlery, Kaisei is an extremely nice option that, in many cases, will replace Binsui seamlessly. Very hard steels might respond better when Binsui is left in the progression though. This is very much YMMV.  

Compared to Oomura, Kaisei is finer and less gritty. There is more of that pasty feel one experiences with Binsui and Amakusa. Working the mud brings the Tojidoro to a nicely refined state that I find to be more than good enough for utilitarian edges. 

Kaisei 2018 1c.jpg
Kaisei 2018 1b.jpg

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