Blood Spot Kiita

Blood Spot Kiita Top Wet

Nakayama Blood Spot Kiita - 血斑黄板

After searching for a verrry long time, a mythical beast known as the the legendary Nakayama Blood Spot Kiita has arrived. I had given up hope actually – I haven’t asked for one in years. So - Imagine my surprise when I opened the box. 

Of course I had originally hoped for a full size bench stone, but this Koppa is so hard that I’m actually pleased that it’s not an 8x3”; the real estate here is more than ample and convenient. As it is, I still spent a good amount of time flattening this one on the 400x Atoma diamond plate.

Ok – the good stuff… the feedback is dreamy, heavenly and intoxicating. This stone makes me want to hone razors that are already honed. There’s a blend of silky pasty smoothness with a hint of soft granularity at first, then that levels out and the mélange of Togidoro takes over and it’s game-on. Whatever Mikawa or Tomo Nagura I choose, this Kiita just smiles and says ‘bring it on’. Seriously, I feel I can do no wrong on this stone – sure, a little base slurry kicks up here/there but every edge off this stone has been spectacular and none of them seemed like I had to work for it.

I actually smile and laugh openly while honing on this stone. I smile because I’m happy, I laugh because I didn’t think I’d ever really get my hands on one.

It’s not a ‘perfect’ stone, aka – tourist hone; the bottom recedes a bit at one corner, and one side has a missing ‘divot’ where some stone popped out long ago. But it sits stable enough on my bench top and the lack of perfect right angles on the top have more character than any ‘perfect’ stone could ever hope to offer.

The top is lapped, and the edges are chamfered. I’ve sealed the sides and bottom in 4-5 coats of Cashew Lacquer. 

Approximate Specifications

Dimensions: 5.75 x 3.1 x 0.95”

Weight: 668 g

Blood Spot Kiita Back.jpg

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