Nakayama Asagi Gousa

 This is a not a super hard stone, but it’s still a killer slice of honing heaven. The feedback is so clear, so creamy. It's hard enough to do a progression with Mikawa Nagura but some base stone will kick up. 

If this was a car – it would be a 1969 Lincoln Continental; 460 cubes pulling 5k lb worth of steel without even thinking twice about it.  Built for comfort, not for speed; but if you step on the gas she really does go go go…. 

8.0 x 3.0 x 1.25” / 1247 g

Tomo – 60 g

Naka Swoop Line 2
Naka Swoop Line 1.jpg
Naka Swoop Line 5.jpg
Naka Swoop Line 3.jpg
Naka Swoop Line 4.jpg

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