Narutaki Asagi Iromono


This is a very interesting stone; it’s hard, not too hard yet still very fine and very capable of finishing the edge on a straight razor.

It’s also way more than capable of putting a killer on my Chef’s knives. And the haze is deep, lush and intoxicating also.

For a stone with a bit of softness to it, it’s incredibly consistent and the feedback is divine. The silky pasty vibe under the blade is addictive; I just want to sharpen stuff all day long on this stone. 

Most Jnats that are referred to as being ‘Iromono’ have a color scheme that is more Kiita mixed with reddish purpleish tones. This one is different; it’s Asagi with a blue/grey haze/pattern running through it. 

7.9 x 2.9 x 1.4”

1342 g

Blue Iromono 3
Blue Iromono 4.jpg

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