Okudo Asagi Awasedo

Okudo Wet 1

Okudo Asagi Awasedo

I don’t often run into full size stones from Okudo, so this one is a rarity.  Long ago, I had a similar looking Okudo that I had purchased from a well-known online seller. I used to refer to it as the Jnat that ‘I could do no wrong on’. Basically, no matter what I did, the edges always came out stellar. You might say that stone was brain-dead simple to hone on.  

This stone here is identical, except that it’s much bigger, which is a definite plus. The hardness level is beyond regular hard, close to very hard but not quite there. The feedback is stellar, the slurry is creamy and very much alive. Edges honed on this stone have been most excellent – sort of a cross between that ‘Coti on steroids’ type mixed in with just enough of that typical Jnat attack on the whiskers. 

The color, Asagi – is interesting in that there is a good bit of movement from a deep brooding pattern that comes forward slowly when the stone is wet. You almost don’t notice it at first, the coloring is muted and subtle – this is what I’d call a brooding and melancholy palette. 

The stone is lapped flat, the working edges have all been chamfered. The sides and bottom have been sealed with 4 coats of Cashew Lacquer. This is a large full-size stone with good thickness - it'll last forever with proper care; it'll be an heirloom handed down for generations to come. 

7.9 x 2.9 x 1.4” / 1247 g

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