Oozuku Iromono

Blushing Oozuku Wet

This right here is a little slice of heaven; not too hard, not too soft – creamy honing sensation, great speed, nice size, great shape.

It’s not a perfect stone, the cut isn’t a perfect rectangle and there is a little wobble on my bench. One edge shows a slight distraction that can be lapped out.

You can see in the photos that I lapped around the stamp, which didn’t leave me with a perfectly flat surface but it was flat enough for my immediate needs. The slurry kicks up with a bit of amber/red in it, I’m thinking this might actually be a Kiita but I’m not 100% sure so I’ll just leave that bit of minutia for someone else to figure out.

The hardness here is good, but not super hard. It’s right in the ‘hard enough’ class for a razor hone. The tinge of softness makes water-only laps a breeze. Working on Tomo slurry is heavenly; it’s soft silky smoothness.

The sides and bottom are sealed, the edges are chamfered and the top is partially lapped. The divot on one edge can be relieved by lapping the top down, or bringing the chamfer in a bit. Either way will work. 

Approx. Specifications:

5.9 x 2.0 x 0.9”

429 g 

Blushing Oozuku 2.jpg
Blushing Oozuku 1.jpg
Blushing Oozuku Bottom.jpg

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