Ozuku Asagi Kan

Ozuku Kan 1

Ozuku Kan Tennen Toishi 

I believe this stone to be from Ozuku, it was sold to me as such although there were no stamps on it. Such is the case with stones that have been pre-owned most of the time. I trust my source explicitly, and I don’t put too much weight on the name of the mine anyway. What matters is that this is a class-A stone in all regards.

 Some stones are super-hard quite wonderful to hone on while being somewhat difficult to work with. When I refer to stones that are hard but not quite super-hard, I refer to them as being very hard. When a very hard stone is also a joy to hone on, that can be a beautiful thing. This stone is in that class. 

No doubt – this stone is hard. It will challenge me but not like a super-hard stone. The speed is good but not so fast where I feel rushed. The feeling when honing is also very good; the top feels a bit glassy and the feedback is very easy to read.

This is an Asagi stone, but there is some yellow going on – but it’s Asagi for sure. Also mixed into the visual presentation; a nice Goma pattern and some light Kan that really pops when it’s wet.  

The sides and bottom have been sealed with cashew lacquer, the top has been lapped flat and the edges have been chamfered. The working surface has been finish-polished on 600x w/d paper. 

Approx. Dimensions: 8.0 x 2.9 x 1.25”

Weight: 42 oz / 1195 g

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