Ozuku Mizu Asagi

Shiroto 1

Size 30 Ozuku Mizu Asagi Awasedo 

A Mizu Asagi Ozuku – very hard, very fine and very very thick. I believe this is what is called a size 30 stone. I suspect that it will last forever.

This is another offering from Imanishi in Kyoto. Truthfully, it’s a bit of overkill for my personal needs but I do like honing on this stone a lot.

The added height is very comfortable, and it lends a very secure feeling to the honing experience that’s hard to describe. I feel more like I’m working on a stone for some reason. Maybe it’s the overall mass, or density – whatever it is, I like the sensation.

This is another workhorse stone – the speed is good but at the same time it’s not what I would call a fast stone.  It works well with Mikawa Nagura and just about any Tomo Nagura; it’s extremely versatile. While I can do water-only laps to finish, it is hard enough for that to be difficult and I usually opt for finishing on very light slurry.

The coloring on the top is fairly mundane, while the sides show some kind of banding or layering that gets progressively darker toward the bottom of the stone.

The sides and bottom are sealed with clear lacquer to show off the layers and the skin.  

The penguin is usually sitting on top of a stone on my bench, he wanted to be in this photo so I obliged. 

 Approx. Dimensions: 8 x 2.9 x 1.7” / 203 x 74 x 43 mm

Weight: 62 oz / 1758 g

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