Shobudani Mizu Asagi

Workhorse 2 Wet

 Here’s a tremendous block of Mizu Asagi. There were no stamps on this one when it arrived, but it was said to be from Shobu – and I have no reason to think otherwise. A name is just a name though, what matters is how it hones, and it’s a wonderful hone. The feedback is sensational, and the hardness is more than ‘hard enough’ for finishing a straight razor. I would say it’s in the lower register of the ‘very hard’ class. Stones in this hardness class offer an easier time on the stone, added speed, and very easy to understand feedback. 

8.0 x 3.0 x 1.6”

1540 g

Workhorse 1.jpg
Workhorse 3.jpg
Workhorse 4.jpg

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