Nakayama Hon Suita Koppa

Here is an exceedingly rare piece of history. Very long ago, Nakayama was well known for producing amazing Suita.  in the 1960s, it was said that the quarry has been ‘mined out’ of the available ‘good Suita’. 

I am certain that digging new tunnels would have yielded new veins of high-quality stone, but the times had changed and the need for natural whetstones had diminished greatly.

Every so often, a piece of Suita from the early days shows up. This oneis very thin so I guess it was cherished by its owner. It is still very useable though, there is a lot of life left in this Koppa. 

It is hard and it is also fas; it can handle finishing a straight razor easily. There is some Su but it is mostly located at the ends. Overall - this is an extremely fine example of the stones that made the Nakayama quarry famous. 

Naka Suita Slice 1b
Naka Suita Slice 1a.jpg
Naka Suita Slice 1c.jpg

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