Shinden Hon Suita

Shinden Hon Wet

This right here is jJust a lovely block of Suita from the Shinden quarry. As it’s been said, if Okudo is king of Suita, then Shinden is queen. Well – I think this stone right here will compete with any piece of Okudo out there, but that’s just my opinion.

This is a hard stone – and it’s only a little thirsty. The feedback is amazingly smooth, the cutting abrasive seems to be rather fine and the abrasive content appears to be quite high. No doubt about it – this stone was taken from the quarry during the heyday, it’s a high class plate with few – if any – rivals.

For someone honing straight razors – this is a luxury mid-range to finish option; finished edges will be like what I refer to as a “Coti edge on Steroids”. Basically – you wind up with an intelligent edge that avoids cutting skin but cuts whiskers like a dream; an edge that you can do no wrong with, almost as cutting yourself would be impossible

When sharpening high-end cutlery, this stone’s position will depend on the users technique, needs and skills. For me, this is a final finish stone that I’d go to after an 800x synth. If I have time, or I’m working on German knives – I can jump from the 400x to this Suita. It all depends on the task at hand. It leaves the most remarkable haze – rivaling that from my Uchiguimori.  

There are a few lines in the top that will, most likely, lap out. There were more when I got it but I lapped it for 45 minutes and I’m tired of lapping. Besides, it’s fine as-is, I honed 3 razors on it in succession without any issues. Then I put 4-5 knives out of my block across it and those edges are tuned up nicely now too.

Bottom line – this is a stellar stone from a legendary quarry. 

Dimensions: 8.0 x 3.0 x 1.5”

Weight: 1470 g

Shinden Hon Top.jpg
Shinden Hon Bottom.jpg

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