Takashima Karasu  


Karasu 2

Takashima Kita Karasu

I believe this to be a Takashima Karasu. The source claimed it to be a Nakayama Maruka, but the Maruka stamp is a forgery. I’m so convinced that it’s fake that I’ll probably lap it off. The one reason I believe it to be Takashima – is that it feels and looks very similar to one that I owned a while ago.

 The pattern on this stone is unique though – I’ve never seen one like it before. This is a hard stone – lets say slightly hard. The slurry from lapping is brown in color, which I’ve only encountered with a stone alleged to be from Ozuku. I’m calling this a Kita Karasu now, but in time that might not be the case, as there does seem to be blue/green coloring visible on the sides.

In use – it is very much like the Ozuku referenced above; fast, fine and with a ton of readily identifiable feedback. The size is nice, and the top is nicely matte when dry. When it’s wet –the pattern really pops and the visual is quite remarkable. I’ll probably never find a Tomo with a matching pattern, but for now it’s working very well when slurried with a slice from a Nakayama Kita Namito Awasedo.   

Approx. Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.2 x 0.8” / 142 x 81 x 20 mm

Weight: 20.1 oz / 571 g 

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