Hanko - 判子

Hanko 1.jpg
Hanko 2.jpg

The traditional Japanese method of putting one’s ‘signature’ on a document or form, is done with a Hanko stamp. There are 3 basic types of Hanko: Mitomein - 認印, for informal use, ginkō-in - 銀行印, for more serious/business-related papers, and Jitsuin - 実印, which is a registered seal used for the most important types of documents. 

Many  Japanese whetstones have ‘ink stamps’ on them; some of which indicate the quarry the stone is from, others call out ‘quality’ references – such as ‘selected’ or ‘choice’, etc.  While some of those ink stamps are to be viewed seriously and held in high regard, others seem to be nothing more than a marketing tool, and not an absolute indicator of quality. 

The stamps I’m showing here are not ‘official’ or registered Hanko, they were a gift from a good friend; the Kanji in the red circle approximate my first name, and the bordered square stamp in black spells out Tomo Nagura.

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