Kez 2015


 Kezurou Kai NYC 2015

Mokuchi hosted their second annual Kezurou Kai Mini, or “Kez” as it’s affectionately known, on Saturday 29, 2015 in Brooklyn NY.  

Mokuchi is a design and build studio that specializes in traditional Japanese woodworking. They’re located at 66 Knickerbocker Ave. in Brooklyn NYC. 

In Japan, Kezurou Kai is a traditional event where Japanese woodworkers, enthusiasts and the curious meet to celebrate their  enthusiasm for Japanese woodworking skills.  

Mokuchi’s Kez is a new tradition, a little smaller than the original but very well attended and a lot of fun; the abbreviated moniker of Kez is quite fitting. 

At the end of each event, a friendly but serious competition is held; the goal is to see who can make the thinnest, longest, full width wood shaving. 

The slideshow features a series of photos taken at the 2015 Kez. Each image reflects a moment in time, and I’ll let the pictures tell the story. 

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