Proscope HR 2 Digital Microscope

This is the HR 2 Proscope; 2 MP resolution, integral and selectable LED illumination, video & still capture, USB connectivity and compatible with Mac and PC.  

This is actually a pretty serious piece of kit; and while the specs might not seem dominating, they are truthful. Many inexpensive USB scopes use interpolation to bring the resolution up – this scope does not. It was designed for laboratory and field use and the taking lenses are very high quality. 

It’s also a TV start of sorts – several episodes of the CSI program show this scope being used for Crime Scene Investigations. Several real-world forensic departments and agencies have used this scope extensively also. 

I ‘ve used this hand-held most of the time, but it can also be mounted to a stand of some sort with the ¼”-20 tripod mount on the back. 

The lens here is 50x, and it can be interchanged with any of the other Proscope HR lenses that offer higher or lower magnification. I found 50x to be just fine but the option to bump the optical resolution up/down is quite nice and way better than doing it digitally most of the time. 

One exceptionally nice feature is that the nose-cone can be retracted back by twisting it; I used that function all the time, so I didn’t ruin my edge by bumping into it. That cone acts like a diffuser too – so it acts like a little light-box to soften any external light source. 

The included software program is very easy to use, and it worked well on my Mac laptop which runs OS 10.9.5. You can use the app to select white balance, resolution, capture modes as well as activate the still or video capture. 

This kit is in near-perfect condition – I didn’t use it all that often and I always take very good care of my equipment. So  -it’s used but it’s also in superb working and physical condition. 

The pix below were taken with this scope; hand held using a 40W bulb for illumination.

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