Vintage Williams Shaving Stick

Williams Stick Glass 1

Vintage Williams Shaving Stick in Glass Jar

 Here’s a NOS example of a circa 1940s ‘guest size’ shaving stick from the J.B. Williams Company.

The glass is in great condition, and the Bakelite cap could use some more polishing but it’s in fine shape. The soap appears to be soft and useable as is without soaking. 

Vintage Williams was a simple tallow based soap, and the pucks from the Glastonbury factory are my favorite of all shaving soaps; it almost lathers by itself and the protection, glide and slickness have never been equaled. 

Yes – that’s my opinion. Someone else might not feel the same way. However, I’ve tried a LOT of different soaps over the years, and 99% of the time - I choose to shave with vintage Williams. 

I have to assume this type of packaging/labeling indicates that it was aimed, primarily, at the hotel industry. Although, I suppose it’s also possible that people kept these sticks in their homes for their visitors or emergencies. 

The jar measures approximately 3.0 x 1.25” – and the soap stick is notable smaller. The thing about Williams soap though, is that even a small bit will last a very long time.

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