Wood Dai

Finished Dai 1.jpg

This Dai, or ‘platform’, will be used to support my whetstones when honing razors or sharpening knives. Generally, the Toishi would be secured in place with some sort of glue or epoxy. 

While there are probably many different types of wood that are used to manufacture Dai, Hinoki and Hiba seem to be the most popular options. Both are a type of cypress, and endemic to Japan. 

Hiba seems to be an ideal material for this application; it’s lightweight, highly resistant to rot and it has a subtly beautiful grain. I believe it would be difficult or impossible to find a better option. 

The Dai raises the stone up off the table or bench, and the added height is a tremendous benefit. The additional support for the stone is another favorable consideration as well. 

To seal and protect the wood, I’ve applied 20 extremely thin coats of tung oil, and the ‘feet’ have been fitted with silicone pads to keep it from slipping on a wet surface. Usually, a stone is glued to the top of the Dai; to increase it’s versatility, I’ve fitted a ¼” thick slab of rubber to the top so it can be used with any hone. 

Length: 11 / 279 mm

Width: 3.5” / 89 mm

Height: 1.7” / 43 mm

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