Black Slickness

Basic Black Strop 

To be honest, there’s not too much about these strops that is ‘basic’. I put in a good amount of effort finding a hide that is thin, very supple and extremely durable. The edges are beveled and burnished for safe stropping. This is a high quality strop made from choice components. The styling is simple, so I’m calling it the BBS. 

For two months, I tested and compared this slick black leather on a paddle strop, and then as a hanging strop. All along I was comparing it to other hides. Based on feel – the speed and feedback is similar to a Kanayama Cordovan; very fast with a very light draw. So far as efficiency goes – the BBS compares favorably to any good quality steer hide. 

Originally – my plan was to design a quality travel strop with a light draw. The BBS achieves that goal with aplomb. This leather is so supple that you can roll it up pretty snugly without worrying about creasing. 

As an added bonus, because the hides I’m cutting down are thin and have a high yield, the price-point of the simple 2” BBS will make it a favorable option for anyone just starting out.   

These hides are from the USA, they’re veg. tanned, drum dyed and stuffed. They leather is black through and through. The two-component version features an all-cotton webbing that’s made here in the USA. The rivets and D-ring are also made in the USA. The high-quality swivel-snap hook is imported; it’s made very well and the gate is pretty wide. 

These are 2” wide, and the stropping surface is approximately 15” in length. 

I make these up myself, here in Brooklyn NYC – so, other configurations are possible    

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