Roll-Up Travel Strop

The first 4 photos show the production model of my travel strop, pix 5-12 show th 1st working prototype, which has become part of my camping/vacation shaving kit. Basically, they feature the same design, but the prototype isn’t quite as refined.  

Each of these roll-up strops will wind up being a little different, but very similar; just under 2” wide, 25” overall from the top of the loop to the very end which is tapered and serves as an easy-grip handle. The realistic stropping surface is 13-14”. The loop snaps to the back of the strop for fitting to a towel rack, doorknob, or any other similar type of makeshift anchor point. 

The leather is all horsehide, with a velvet finish. The edges are beveled and sanded. All of the hardware is nickel plated. I make these myself , by hand, one at a time. They’re not 100% ‘perfect’ in a visual sense, but they are 100% functional and I think they look pretty damn good. 

The finish on the leather - which I call ‘velvet’ - has a very light nap to it, sort of like velvet or velour. For me - this is the best stropping surface for any blade. While I do love my Kanayama Cordovan 80k - 99% of the time, I strop my razors on this velvety horsehide. 

To protect the velvet-finished horsehide, the strop is stowed into a 16 oz Ziploc container with a twist on lid. While the container isn’t glamorous – it’s functional, durable, and resealable. 

Travel Strop 2
Travel Strop 1a.jpg
Travel Strop in Container 1.jpg
Travel Horse Front 1.jpg
Travel Horse Back 1.jpg
Travel Strop Knob 3.jpg
Travel Strop Knob 1.jpg
Travel Strop Towel Bar 2.jpg

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