Pleathasaurus Rex

Vegan 2 Inch Strop 2018 1c

The Pleathasaurus was a lizard-like mammal that roamed the countryside during the Mezezoic era. From the early Triassic period until the end of the Jurrasic period, these creatures stumbled through low brush looking for tasty herbs to eat. 

Like the equally extinct Nauga, from which Naugahyde is derived, the Pleathasaurus provided us with this very fine pleather material which is much more suitable for stropping straight razors.  

Ok - I made that up. This is a purely vegan strop made from a very high-tech and very man-made material. The durability factor is extremely high - you could probably tow a car with this stuff. 

The surface is lightly textured to emulate the grain in leather. 

The feel is a cross between a soft vinyl and leather. There is a lot of body to the strip but there is also some give, stretch and flexibility. 

The draw is medium to medium heavy to start off, and after a few hundred passes the surface gets slicker and the draw lightens up. I’ve had many great shaves after stropping on one of these - so you know it performs very well. 

Vegan 2 Inch Strop 2018 1b.jpg

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