1200x Pad


Atoma 1200x Pad - Made in Japan 

This is the replacement pad for a 1200x plate. It can also be fitted to any of the Atoma plates as a second-grit option. 

The Atoma 1200x is the finest grit plate they offer. While I’m not a fan of making slurry with a diamond plate, when I go that route – this is a plate I use. For that purpose, these are significantly better options than any DMT. 

Mostly – I use the 1.2k plate for pre-finish lapping Jnats or Coticules after the 400x, and dressing the surface of a synthetic water stone while I’m honing. 

These Atomas cut fast, they’re aggressive but they leave a comparatively even surface on the stone. They’re easy to use, clean and they are, basically – maintenance free; in other words, they don’t have to be lapped. The substrate is a solid block of aluminum that’s been milled flat and the diamond surface is extremely durable and very long lasting. 

After two years of side-by-side use, I can say confidently that the Atoma diamond plates out-perform DMT plates by a significant margin in every single way.

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