Franc Swaty

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Franc Swaty 1

Franc Swaty 3 Line Barber Hone

This is a less-typical Franz Swaty barber hone; Franz was spelled Franc because this hone was manufactured in Maribor Yugoslavia.

 The first Franz Swaty hones were manufactured in Wahring Austria, later - Franz' son manufactured the same hones in Marburg Austria. After the fall of the Austrian Hungarian Empire, Marburg Austria became Maribor Yugoslavia. Presently, Maribor is situated in Slovenia. 

This hone is very effective for quick touchups or regular edge maintenance. When using dense lather as a honing medium, mixed with a few drops of water, 5-12 laps seemed to bring the edge of a straight razor up nicely. After 30 laps there was no sign of a wire edge nor was there any felt harshness during the shave. It's hard to compare a touched-up edge to a freshly honed edge; the shave was comfortable, and keen enough to get close-enough to BBS. I think continued use might burnish the surface a bit more, which might allow me to get more sharpness out of the edge.

When I received this hone, it was in less-than-acceptable condition. It was lapped on a 220/325x DMT to remove the edge-chips, and then it was lapped further on w/d paper of the following grits: 220/320/400/600x/1k. Afterwards, I treated the entire hone with mineral oil a few times. 

This is a very good barber hone. while there are other hones out there that might bring up a keener edge, this Franz Swaty gets the job done very well. Additionally, the absence of a wire edge after 30 laps leads me to believe that this would be a great long-term maintenance hone.

Approx. Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.0 x 0.47” / 127 x 51 x  12 mm 

Weight: 6.7 oz / 190 g

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