Shapton Pro 1.5k


The Shapton Pro series of Japanese Waterstones are extremely high quality hones with a ceramic binder and a very consistent & efficient abrasive content. This is the 1500x stone; to me, it seems to be a teensy bit coarser than the Naniwa Chosera / Professional 1k/1000x, making it an excellent option for setting bevels on straight razors.

In the arena of synthetic bevel-setting hone options - the Shapton Pro is a formidable contender; it cuts quickly while leaving an extremely consistent scratch pattern. These are ‘splash-and-go’ stones that do not require soaking. 

All of the Pro stones from Shapton come packed in their own storage boxes that also doubles as a sharpening stand. The raised lips on the top keep the stone in place while honing, and facilitate stacking the stones in their cases also. Four rubber feet on the bottom keep everything stable while honing, and venting on the bottom allows the stone to dry slowly and evenly.   

The instructions are in Japanese, showing a few illustrations indicating that these stone should not be soaked, dried with applied heat or in the sun, used with oil or cleaned with soap.  

Approx. Dimensions: 8.25 x 2.75 x 0.6” / 210 x 70 x 15 mm

My opinion / review 

This is a nice hard stone that rivals the Naniwa Chosera / Professional 1k in feel, feedback, speed and accuracy. The Nani wins on overall size being thick enough to allow honing on side if desired. The Shapton wins on being the ‘best bang for the buck’ by a long shot, and coming with a stand that’s also a storage box.

In actual use – side by side with the 1k Chosera/Pro – the Shapton’s scratch pattern is every so slightly more pronounced, but only marginally so. I believe the Shapton 1500 to be as fast as the 1k Nani also.

All in all – I can substitute this 1500x Pro into my synthetic honing progression seamlessly. I have had zero issues using it before, with or after Naniwa stones from all the different series, as well as Nubatama Ume and Bamboo stones.   

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