Starter Set 2

A typical 2-razor starter kit

Getting into shaving with a straight razor can be intimidating. Many people don’t know where to begin. For starters, everyone needs at least 1 razor - I think having 2 is best. This way - when one edge gets dull, it can be sent out for honing and the other razor can be used during the interim. 

This is a typical starter set for anyone looking to get into shaving with straight razors. There are 2 razors and 2 Barber’s Hones for touching up the edges.

 A razor with a dull edge is useless. Maintaining the edge is a critical concern - a good strop and a means to refresh the edge are critical concerns. Barber’s hones are an excellent way to start off learning how to keep an edge going. The grey hone is a Carborundum 102 and the brown one is a Gemco. The Carbo hone is a little finer, both are pretty fast and using either one can get a failing edge back into shape quickly. 

The black scaled razor here is an 11/16 William Rogers with a 1/2 hollow grind, the other is a 5/8+ Westers full hollow. Both have been unpinned, cleaned up, reset into their scales and then honed to shave well. 

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