Asagi Karasu Awasedo

Karasu 1

   Asagi Karasu Koppa

This small Koppa was originally intended to be a large Tomo Nagura, but it has proven to be quite effective when used as an Awase; even with a full Mikawa Nagura progression. 

 It’s hard but not so very hard. This one has very good speed and excellent finishing qualities. Water only laps are easy to execute, but I generally finish on very light trace-slurry from a Tomo.  Admittedly, it is a bit small, but not too small to work with. Because this is such a fine stone, the lack of real-estate is engaging, not prohibitive.   

The origin of this stone is unknown due to the absence of stamps. There are charlatans looking to deceive and overcharge newcomers to the world of Jnats who may claim that the Kawa, or skin, confirm this stone to be from Nakayama. However, the black with reflective speckles appearance of the skin you see in the photo is not specific to that location alone.

My best guesstimation tells me that the feel and overall look of this Koppa says it’s from Takashima. The blush in the stone is one telling sign, the feel when honing reminds me of several stones that were confirmed to be from Takashima. But this is a guess and many similar looking/feeling stones came from many different locations.

I would classify this as an Asagi, even though there is a pronounced yellow/amber coloring to it. There’s also a very subtle and interesting Iromono type of blushing running throughout also. This reddish hue is nearly hidden unless you look very closely; the photo was intentionally over-exposed to enhance to reddish hue.   

This Koppa can be seen in a video clip -click here

Approx. Dimensions of each side, starting on left, going clockwise. 

3.75 - 3.5- 4.0 - 2.0” / 95 x 90 x 51 mm

Approx. Thickness: 0.9” / 20 mm

Weight: 15.3 oz / 433 g

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