Maruka Kiita

Maruka Corner Top.jpg

Nakayama Kiita Maruka 

The stories surrounding the Maruka stamped stones from Nakayama started back when Iwasaki first referred to them as being ‘choice’. Since then, the stories have swirled and counterfeit stones have  been available too.

This one though, comes from ‘the’ source - Hatanaka Toishi in Kyoto. It is undoubtedly an authentic Kiita Maruka.

This is a hard stone – very hard. The honing sensation reminds me of moving across wet velvet that is sitting on top of glass. The feedback is clear as a bell. The speed is good, great on slurry actually. The finish on water only is a bit slower of course but it’s certainly not what I’d call slow.

The top is lapped and the sides and bottom are sealed with cashew lacquer. The working edges have all been chamfered so the stone is ready to work. 

Approximate Specifications

Dimensions: 8.0 x 3.0 x 1.5”

Weight: 1422 g

Maruka Corner Wet.jpg
Maruka Corner 1.jpg
Sealed Stamp.jpg

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