Nakayama Maruichi 

Nakayama Asagi Maruichi 1

Nakayama Maruichi Asagi Kamisori

 The color and pattern on this dense and very hard Nakayama Asagi is very interesting; subtle sweeping lines, a bit of a swirl – and Yake that would be Kan if it were curved. The color is Asagi, but there are warm tones that yield a light Iromono blush in direct sunlight. 

The honing characteristics are outstanding – it’s very hard but also accommodating, it seems softer than it really is. The speed is good, but not fast. This is a perfect finisher for straight razors, but it works well with Mikawa Nagura also; for me, this one is a pure final finisher though.   

The stone’s sides show fissures, but they are superficial. I believe they are left-behind from lapping off the Kawa. This stone is stable, sound, incredibly solid and dense; as a precaution to eliminate the possibility of water ingress, the sides and bottom have been sealed with 6 extremely thin coats of cashew lacquer. 

I have not lapped this stone, it’s flat enough to use as-is. As a result, the stamps are in excellent condition but a little faded. The stone is very hard and dense so they will probably last for a long while. Eventually though, the stamps will fade away. 

Because this stone is so beautiful, and it features a full set of quality and provenance stamps – I rarely use it. I have other stones to use daily – this one is like a very rare and super-fine sports car that only comes out on special occasions. 

Approx. Dimensions: 5.25 x 3.1 x 1.25” / 133 x 79 x 32 mm

Weight: 29 oz / 824 g

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