Nakayama Maruka Iromono 

Nakayama Honyama Iromono Maruka

A very rare bird – an authentic Nakayama Maruka Iromono that is exceptionally hard and fine; stones like this come around once in a lifetime.

The Maruka end-stamp indicates that it an authentic Nakayama Honyama; the circled ‘Ka’ character is said to pay homage to Kato-san, who was one of the owners of the Nakayama mine.

This particular example is exceedingly hard; the working surface feels like polished marble. It is very probably one of the finest stones I’ve come across. It’s my opinion that where honing straight razors is concerned - there is no stone that is finer, better or more desirable than this lovely Awasedo.   

Approx. Dimensions: 8.0 x 3.0 x 1.1” / 203 x 76 x 31 mm

Weight: 46.3 oz / 1313 g

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