Shobudani Mizu Asagi

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Shobudani Mizu Asagi

Here’s a rather large Shobudani Mizu Asagi that’s also very hard and super fine. 

This is my kind of Honyama; while not everyone enjoys the harder stones – they’re my #1 choice for honing razors. 

Don’t get me wrong, softer stones are also fantastic in their own right and I use a good number of stones that are not quite as hard as this one here. Each stone has its own personality, and when I select a stone to work with, I look for one that matches my mood first. Harder stones are more difficult and challenging to work with, and I enjoy that level of engagement.      

This Shobu is a killer razor hone; it performs wickedly well with Mikawa Shiro Nagura progressions as well as high-quality Tomo Nagura. The color is Asagi, or ‘green’ but it’s more of a darker type of Mizu grey/blue. The subtle cloud-like pattern is visible when dry, but it really pops when it’s wet as you see in the top photo. 

Feedback – fairly quiet but clear enough to read. This is a very ‘smooth’ stone that will bring up a very high-polish type of haze. It’s medium slow, or medium fast, depending on your point of view – I like to say it’s on the slower side of things, which is also a huge preference for me. I like to sneak up on the edge and stones like this let me do just that fairly easily. 

The shape is good, nearly a perfect rectangle; the sides are very true and the bottom is pretty flat and stable on the bench. It’s a thicker and heavier stone, so - while hand-holding is possible, this one’s probably best used on a Dai of some sort. 

It’s sealed all around with 4 coats of a custom-mixed burnt-orange/red Cashew Lacquer and the top is lapped. 

Approximate Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.0 x 1.6” / 206 x 76 x 41 mm

Weight: 62 oz / 1746 g

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