Shobudani Kuro Asagi Honyama

Shobu Kuro Asagi 1

Shobudani Kuro Asagi Awasedo

Hailing from the fabled Shobudani quarry, this sweet Tennen Toishi has a unique look in that it’s very dark when wet – so I’ve dubbed the color as ‘Kuro Asagi’.

When dry – the color is a darker than usual Mizu-esque grey/blue/green. When wet though, it shifts to a very dark shade of grey that appears black in direct sunlight. The slurry from an DMT is very dark nearly pure black also. In the photo, the slurry is lighter because most of it is from the Tomo Nagura.

This is a hard stone, not super hard but still quite hard. The surface has some tiny holes that seem to be similar to Su in a Suita, but this stone is definitely Tomae, Asia or possibly Gousa – it is decidedly not Suita. Some stones have gas bubble holes here/there, this is one of those hones. They are not felt during honing either. I checked the stone very carefully and all is well.

Edges off this stone are very keen, and the polish on the bevel is higher than what I consider to be the norm from most Jnats. It’s not quite mirror but it’s close enough.

The sides and bottom are sealed with cashew lacquer, the top is lapped and the edges are chamfered. The bottom is pretty much flat except for a 2” portion at one end; for me, that section did not affect the stone’s stability but it’s something to be aware of. 

Approximate dimensions: 7.9 x 1.9 x 1.0”

Weight: 24.6 oz 

Shobu Kuro Asagi Wet Top.jpg
Shobu Kuro Asagi Slurry 1.jpg

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