Shobudani Mizu Asagi Karasu

It would be very difficult to find a better straight razor hone. This one has it all; perfect hardness for that smoooooth laser-razor edge, excellent shape/size for bench-top or hand-held work, and a flat bottom to keep the stone stable. 

The crow or Karasu pattern is subtle, but it’s there. This is almost a phantom Karasu actually. The slurry is very fine - not pasty or granular - more silky and buttery. 

It’s lapped, sealed with 3 coats of cashew lacquer, and the working edges were chamfered. 

Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.25 x 0.75"

Weight  529 g

Shobu Karasu Slim 2
Shobu Karasu Slim 1.jpg

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