Renge Suita Koppa

Renge Workhorse 1

Ohira Renge Suita 

Ohira is a currently active quarry, but I don’t know if this particular example was quarried recently or long ago. Whatever the case – it’s a very nice size for honing razors, or sharpening smaller to mid-size knives and tools.

This is a softer piece of Suita that is well suited for mid-range razor honing. The slurry comes up quickly, and it’s a lovely purple-ish color. The renge, or lotus blossom, pattern is easy to see when the stone is wet, and still visible but somewhat subdued when dry.

These Suita stones are fast cutters and they offer amazing feedback. Honing on them is just too easy sometimes, yes – the feedback is that good. The haze it leaves on the bevel is dreamy and dense.

This stone has a pocket on the one short end, and a couple of soft Kesuji in the working surface; while this prevents the stone from being considered for museum status, they have no impact on usability. The stone is rock-solid stable and the honing surface is smooth and creamy.

This is a fairly thick stone and it’ll probably last several lifetimes for anyone honing razors on a semi-regular basis. The top has been lapped flat and the sides and bottom have been totally sealed with 4-5 very thin coats of Cashew Lacquer.    

Approx. Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.0 x 1.3” / 140 x 76 x 33 mm

Weight: 31 oz / 876 g   

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