Suita Koppa

Honishi Suita

Suita Koppa

This is a very interesting piece of Suita. I suspect that it’s from Iwatani or Nakayama, but I am not sure.  It appears to be super clean and without any issues of any kind. The eponymous Su are present, and when dry - the coloring is reminiscent of a pale Kiita Awasedo. 

This stone’s hardness is nice to work with; while not very hard it is hard enough for finishing a razor.  I would say this is ‘just hard’ or just hard ‘enough’. Edges from this stone are very comfortable and keen – in a way, they remind me of a Coticule edge but not exactly that either. While this Suita will finish an edge just fine, it really sings during Nakatogi, or ‘middle’ sharpening. 

Honing on this Koppa is a lot of fun, the square-ish shape looks formidable but once you get into it the width of the stone becomes very inviting. As an aside, these thick squares are excellent for sharpening cutlery also. 

I raised slurry with a few different Tomo Nagura – and I found the best results to come from one that is a little softer than my usual choices. The mix of particles really added a nice unique ‘thumbprint’ to the honing session. 

The sides and bottom are sealed with 3 coats of Cashew Lacquer, and the top has been lapped flat and the edges were chamfered. The bottom is fairly flat and steady but it’s not 100% perfectly flat and, with pressure, there is a teeny bit of rocking. A damp towel underneath is the usual solution and that works very well with this stone. 

The bottom side shows a nicely done chisel pattern. Over the years, I’ve noticed that stones with chiseled bottoms are usually exceptional pieces. My guess is that the miners know what’s what and they’ll put in the extra time and effort to ‘level’ the bottom on select stones.    

Approx. Dimensions: 4.75 x 4.25 x 1.5” / 121 x 108 x 38 mm

Weight: 44 oz / 1240 g

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