Mikawa Koma Nagura  

Boxed Mikawa Nagura

Packaged in its original box, this is a very interesting Koma - it is stamped, but not by Asano. The stone is nestled into a pad of straw-like packing, and the cardboard box is stapled together.

I’m not certain, but I do think this piece was cut and packaged some time ago. A friend of mine once ballparked the age to the 1940s, but I am not certain of that.

What I am certain of; is that this is a lovely Koma, it’s a little on the pasty sides, very fast and exceedingly fine. Weighing 270 g, this is a nice option to have handy when needing a lot of slurry to work with.

The slurry from some of the pasty Koma I’ve tried seems to die off quickly, but with this one, the slurry seems to break down forever, with no end in sight.  

 Weight: 9.5 oz / 270 g    

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