Asano Stamped Koma

Three Koma.jpg

 Asano Stamped Mikawa Koma Nagura 

Each of these Koma Nagura are quite fine, fast, and their slurry is more pasty than granular. Asano Stamped Koma are nearly extinct now, the Mikawa Nagura mine was closed in the 1980s and the remaining stock is nearly depleted.  

These pieces have all been sealed with Cashew Urushi to protect the stamps. 

Numbered from left to right. 

1 – 4.0 oz / 113 g.

2 – 4.4 oz / 125 g

3 – 3.4 oz / 96 g

If you have any questions about these Koma Nagura, please send an email here.  

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