Sword Grade Koma Nagura

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 Asano Stamped Koma Nagura 

Quality Stamp Reads - Sword Grade

 Most of the time, we see Asano Stamped Mikawa Nagura are graded as  Betsu Dai Jou or Betsu Jou and so on. This rather large piece of Koma Nagura is stamped as being ‘Sword Grade’. I suspect that this grade was assigned to this stone for its purity and size.

Generally speaking, I always use Koma Nagura when I hone a razor. It’s just part of what I do and how I do it. I’ve used this particular piece many times now – and it certainly is quite fast and exceedingly fine. A better example of Koma would be hard, if not impossible, to come by.

The slurry from this Koma has a bit of both worlds, some of the ‘grittyness’ as well as the ‘pasty’ sensation also. Bottom line – the slurry from this snow-white boulder polishes steel extremely well.

For the most part – this Nagura is what I would call ‘pure white’ – although there are a few flecks of an orange-ish tint here/there. The shape is good for my hands and the only distraction is that it’s heavy and I have to be careful to not let it grind into the Awasedo when I’m making slurry.

You can see this giant Koma in action here

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Weight - 463 g

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